Want to learn how to DIY?
I can help :)


—  Turn a Drab Patio into an Outdoor Paradise with These Easy Steps

One of the biggest DIY influences in my life was the TV show Trading Spaces. I would watch it religiously and then try to recreate pieces in my own room. I even made flyers and put them in my neighbors’ mailboxes for them to hire me to re-do their space on a budget. (No one ever called me :( Probably because I was 12 — but had great ideas!) Ever since then, I’ve dreamed of creating my perfect house. These dreams sat in folders that I would lug around in my backpack to show my classmates— floor plans, paint chips and tile samples. 

Flash forward to present day — I’m 25 and nowhere near ready to own my own house. (Especially in San Francisco — yeah right!) I currently rent a bedroom in a house with four other girls, and we all have our own different styles, so it’s hard to decorate and please everyone. What we all did agree on was that our small backyard patio sucked and it needed some major love. Below I’ll walk through the steps I took in creating an outdoor jungalow for a rented space and on a budget. Oh and PS: Everyone is invited over when we start having dinner parties.


—  Update Your Beach Cooler With Only Two Materials

This photo is actually a still from my upcoming Rom-Com where I find out the cute but sensitive tech millionaire is actually a pro surfer. Spoiler alert! He also has a Bernese mountain dog that likes to play in the waves :) Sadly, this film has lost funding, so if anyone out there could help a girl out, that would be greatly appreciated.


—  Save the Trees and Celebrate the Holidays With a DIY Christmas Cactus

As an east coast child, my Christmases were filled with mounds of snow, evergreen trees and layers of clothing to stay warm. Two years ago I moved to California, and have been quickly adapting to the warmer lifestyle. For this DIY I adapted all of my Christmas staples into something new — evergreen tree, say hello to a paper maché Christmas cactus. Snow, let’s try something not as cold — colorful confetti for me, please :) Layers and layers of clothes — I’ll always take matching striped PJs and no shoes. Anyone can achieve this warmer version of Christmas by following the tutorial below :) Happy Holidays, B+C family!


—  When Beyoncé Gives us Lemonade We Make a Crop Top

As a member of the Beyhive there was no doubt in my mind that my last Saturday night (and rest of this week) was going to be devoted to hours and hours to watching, re-watching, listening and re-listening to Beyoncé’s new album, “Lemonade.” I’ll be honest — at first I was angry. Bey! A whole album about how Jay Z cheated on you?! Stop spending your time singing about it and get away from that dirt bag! But then after I finished watching and absorbed it all in, I realized that Beyoncé is a mastermind and, of course, “Lemonade” is soooo much more than Jay Z’s infidelity.

Within 13 songs Beyoncé brought us through the stages of love and life while giving us a history lesson, love lesson and lesson in family life. “Lemonade” isn’t about just Beyoncé’s relationship and the betrayal that came along with it, it’s about every woman’s relationships, family curses. It’s about the love and passion that women harness that can make us seem “crazy” but overall, extremely powerful. Now don’t think this is something new for Bey, because she has told us this before *ahem “Girl” and then later on in “Run the World,” but now we have a whole hour long visual album to remind us that we need to stick together and help guide our world into a better direction.